English Description of our Project


FernAnda Pappetrice is a publishing project that recently started with the collaboration of arts, painting and language students and graduates. By hand, we bind books with a recycled-cardboard cover that is painted with beautiful acrylic colours.

The spirit of our project is to spread literary works that we enjoy (whether they are old, contemporary, Italian or foreign) in an unusual, colourful and popular style. We also publish directly without the intervention of professional publishing houses.


The idea comes from the cartonera publishing phenomenon which won great success in Latin America, although our project is somewhat different. In fact, we want to build an efficient editorial board whose members are keen to develop their artistic and entrepreneurial creativity. We want our team to foster the spirit of initiative in a time of economic crisis and utilize everyone’s abilities in a collaborative group project. We strongly encourage young authors worldwide who have not published their work outside of their country or do not publish their pieces at all. We are mainly looking for short stories, poems and other short narratives in a wide range of genres. Afterwards, we ask language students and graduates to translate these works into Italian and in this way we present the writer, the translator and the potential editor.


As we have no money and cannot afford to pay for copyright, we directly ask the writer to print a limited number of their work and, in exchange, we give them our Italian translation and the opportunity to gain popularity outside their country. As for now, we create no more than 150-200 copies of these books and we sell them in stands or little fairs in Verona and nearby. We want to see how people respond to these publications, with the goal of taking part in one or more book fairs and becoming active in the context of contemporary Italian publishing.


We currently edit four book series: “Via della Seta e dintorni” (Silk Road and its Neighbourhood),“Letteratura Italiana” (Italian Literature), “Cartoneras Latinas” and “Piccole Ciliegie Rosse” (Little Red Cherries). Via della Seta e dintorni retraces the travels Marco Polo made, including the works of young contemporary authors coming from the countries described in “The travels of Marco Polo”. All pieces are translated into Italian for the first time. Letteratura Italiana includes little-known Italian literary works of any historical time which have no copyright. We are also looking for contemporary authors who are keen to be published. Cartoneras Latinas includes works that have already been published by cartonera publishing houses in Latin America that we translate into Italian. Piccole Ciliegie Rosse is a series of short stories and poems for children, much sought after by parents. We read the stories together with the children and we ask them to create their own book with glue, paintbrushes and colours.




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